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Game and Fish Documents Required

Documents Required for AZGFD Watercraft Transfers

For In-State Transfers

If the current watercraft owner on record provides a properly completed Bill of Sale, the buyer would have enough documentation to transfer the watercraft. Its a good Idea to receive the current Registration card from the seller to ensure the proper watercraft HIN# and owners are providing the Bill of Sale. Caution: Just because you have an official AZ Game and Fish document you will want to verify through AZ Game and Fish that the documents you posses are the most current document and/or owner.


For Out-of-State Transfers

If the State you are coming from or purchasing your boat from has a Title you must provide the Title(properly signed by seller(s) and notarized if there is a notary section on the Title). If the State only has Registrations then you must provide the sellers Registration document with a Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale must have the Sellers Name and Signature, The HIN#, Sale Date, Sale Price, and Buyers Name(s). A AZGFD Watercraft Application must be completed and submited with the documents above.



Are you a Resident?

You are eligible to register your watercraft as an Arizona resident, if you are a person who is:
(a) A member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty and stationed in this state for a period of 30 days immediately before the date of application for a watercraft decal.
(b) A member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty and stationed in another state or another country and who lists this state as that member’s home of record at the time of an application for a watercraft decal.
(c) Domiciled in this state for at least six consecutive months immediately before the date of the application for a watercraft decal and who does not claim residency for any purpose in any other state or country. If the residency of the applicant is in question, the following factors will be considered. The applicant:
1. Does not claim residency for any purpose in any other state or jurisdiction.
2. Has been issued an Arizona driver’s license or an Arizona commercial driver’s license. The possession of an Arizona ID card is not considered evidence of residency.
3. Is employed full-time in Arizona.
4. Files federal and/or state income taxes as an Arizona resident.
5. Is registered to vote in Arizona.
6. Is enrolled in, or has minor children enrolled in an Arizona public school without payment of non-resident tuition.

Additional Information
One can spend a large portion of every year in Arizona and not be a true Arizona resident. Ownership of property in Arizona does not entitle the owner to claim residency and has little bearing on determination of domicile. If you obtain resident rates for hunting, fishing, tags or any other special licenses or tuition in another state, you cannot apply for resident rates in Arizona. Likewise, if you exercise resident privileges for the purposes of boat registration or hunting or fishing in Arizona, you cannot do so in another state. It is unlawful to claim two states as your place of domicile at the same time.


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