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Dealer Services

Motor Vehicle Dealer Services

Assisting ADOT/MVD Licensed dealers to succesfully process all of their titlework.

Quick Stop Title and Registration is structured to assist used motor vehicle dealers in overcoming any obstacles your customers may throw at you. Our mission is to accomodate your sales transaction from beiginning to end. We specialize in the problem files, and we have the infrastructure to process your normal paperwork in days, not weeks or even months like some of your alternative choices. Our customer service and support is unmatched in our industry so let us start the process of on-boarding your company today. We have been in business for 5 years and have never lost an established motor vehicle dealer as a customer; on the other hand we continue to expand our dealer division and we are excited to welcome you into our family of professionals who are all striving for the one true goal, making money! Time is money, so let us save you time on all of your paperwork.

New Customers:

One of our agents can come to your dealership to personally sit with your title clerk and/or management to help get your title work "cleaned up". We will establish a process to obtain a title on all of your current problem files, and if you choose, we can start the process on that day. We can answer any MVD related questions you may have and help clarify any Revised Statute, or ADOT/MVD policy that pertains to your responsibilities to properly process titlework. We want to be your partner and asset to allow you to make the best of your expertise of actually seling the vehicles and allowing us to utilize our expertise to ensure you get quick and efficient service, and to help protect you from possibly getting into a bad deal that could cost you thousands.

We can provide services for:

  • Title Clerk Training $100/hr 2 hour minimum
    • One of our Licensed agents will come to your location to formally train you or your staff on the proper ways to process ADOT/MVD transactions. We will advise of all current ADOT/MVD policies and procedures and help you establish a dependable process to ensure you have your paperwork in order to allow for expedient transfers. Get all of your questions answered so you can have peace of mind on which deals you can and cant make.
  • Arizona title transfers. 
  • DMV/MVD services for other States. 
    • Duplicate titles
    • MVR reports
  • Level 1 inspections. 
    • Dealer Odometer Certifications
    • VIN# Correction (first 11 digits only)
    • Body style changes
    • Cab & Chassis
    • Mobile home
    • MHA Model year verifications
    • Title only for public (vehicle requires repairs)
    • Out of State DMV/MVD needs
  • Bond title process from beginning to end. $175 for AZ vehicles $225 all other States
    • We sell the required Surety Bonds. (must be for one and a half times the current retail value)
    • 48 Hour - 4-6 weeks depending on National Title search and last state titled/registered with


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get set up today!





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