Initial Passport Requirements

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What documents do I need to get my U.S. Passport?

Primary Citizenship Document(must submit one):

If you do not have any of the Primary Citizen Documents then you must submit two Secondary Documents:

Along with Proof of Citizenship, you will also need Proof of Identity using one of the following forms of ID:

If the above forms are unavailable, you may need to submit several of the following Secondary Identification for Proof of Identity:

For applicants under the age of 16:

The above requirements are for initial passports, minors, passports expired over 5 years, or if your passport was lost, stolen or mutilated. If you are needing to simply renew your Passport, visit our Passport Renewal Requirements page. To view the packages that we offer for this service, please view our Initial Passport Packages page. Check out our Passports Homepage for more information regarding Passports and Passport Renewals.